Photos & Videos

The Volunteer String Band: Travis Stinson guitar-lead vocals, Justin Clark mandolin-vocals, Brian Zonn (The Z-Man) bass, Josh McMurray 1933 Gibson Banjo, and North Carolina’s own Pattie Hopkins playing fiddle on the Bluegrass classic “Little Georgia Rose.”

Yes, that’s Justin on the fiddle in this music video featuring George Cannon.

Justin made plans for all of his students to jam at the local Dairy Queen from 6-9 pm on July 15, 2009. He asked a couple of special guests to join him in kicking things off. Bobby Clark on guitar, David Harvey on mandolin, and Justin Clark on the bass. Later, thirteen of Justin’s students performed and entertained the crowd.

The Southern Juice Stage at the Pre-Eclipse Bluegrass Jam in Gallatin, Tennessee. 2017.

A local commercial aired for Attorney Bart Durham. Check out the electric guitar player at 0:17…